Plot for Sale in Uppal Southend, W Block, Gurgaon

Are you looking for a precise plot to construct your dream domestic? Look no in addition! This top nook plot within the prestigious Uppal Southend, W Block, offers the ideal aggregate of space, orientation, and auspicious layout.

Location: Uppal Southend, W Block

Size: 485 sq. yards


Corner Plot: Provides additional privacy and area, making it a first-rate preference on your dream home.


West: Enjoy masses of herbal light in the day, growing a vivid and alluring environment.

Special Feature:

Gaumukh Plot Design: Considered highly auspicious, the Gaumukh plot design is believed to bring prosperity and fantastic power to the citizens.

Asking Price:

1.7k/Sq.Yd: A competitive fee for a top plot in a sought-after region.

For greater details, call us at: +91 9910879948.

Why Choose This Plot?

  1. Ideal Location: Situated in the properly advanced and prestigious Uppal Southend, W Block, this plot is surrounded using present-day infrastructure and services, ensuring a high fine of lifestyles.
  2. Generous Size: With 485 sq. yards, this plot offers enough area to lay out and construct a spacious and cushy domestic, alongside a garden or different outside features.
  3. Corner Plot Advantage: A nook plot offers extra privacy and versatility in design. It lets in for more natural mild air flow, enhancing the living experience.
  4. West-Facing Orientation: The west-facing orientation ensures that the plot receives enough herbal light, developing bright and heat-residing surroundings. It additionally permits stunning sunset views.
  5. Auspicious Gaumukh Design: The Gaumukh plot layout is rather fashionable due to its auspicious nature. It is thought to carry prosperity, peace, and wonderful energy to the home and its inhabitants.
  6. Competitive Pricing: At 1.7k consistent with sq. yard, this plot is in your price range, offering wonderful costs for a high vicinity in Gurgaon.

Contact Information:

This top-corner plot in Uppal Southend, W Block, is the suitable preference for building your dream home. With its beneficent length, west-going through orientation, auspicious Gaumukh design, and competitive pricing, it offers everything you want to create a stunning and rich dwelling area.

Don’t pass over out in this extraordinary opportunity to very own a piece of high actual estate in Gurgaon. Contact us these days for more information and to arrange a viewing.

For more details, call us at +91 9910879948.