Plot for Sale in Sector 52, Gurgaon

Explore exceptional real estate opportunities with this large plot of land located in the highly desirable area of ​​Gurgaon sector 52. This 78-square-foot plot of land is perfect for investors looking to acquire a valuable property in a it is growing rapidly. Priced at ₹1.4 crores (Check ₹1.04 crore), the plot offers an attractive investment opportunity with great potential for future appreciation

  • Location: Gurgaon Office
  • Size: 78 square feet
  • Price: ₹1.4 crore

Key Property Topics:

Location: Located in a sought-after location, this property benefits from an ideal location that promises excellent growth and return on investment.

Lot Size: With a plot size of 78 square feet, it provides a versatile canvas for various development projects, whether residential or commercial.

Special Features:

  • Loan facilities available: Soft loans are available for this property to make your financial journey seamless. These strategies can help streamline the buying process and make your real estate investment more manageable.
  • Close to amenities: The main attraction of this property is its proximity to private gyms, theaters, and busy markets. This luxurious location ensures easy access to all amenities and a vibrant lifestyle, making the grounds even more desirable.

Experience the quality of real estate investing

As a trusted real estate agency, Oxford Realtors prides itself on providing superior services and superior real estate opportunities. Our commitment to client satisfaction motivates us to look at properties that meet your financial goals and lifestyle aspirations. Located in Gurgaon Zone 52, this property epitomizes our commitment to bringing you the best real estate options.

### Protect your future investments

This is your chance to acquire a unique piece of land in a growing part of Gurgaon, where the demand for real estate continues to grow. Whether you intend to build your dream home, run a commercial business, or simply invest in the future, this plot provides the perfect foundation for your plans

Refresh your real estate portfolio

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to improve your real estate strategy. The combination of a beautiful location, large grounds, and affordable prices makes this offer truly unique. When you invest in this land, you are not just buying land; You are investing in potential growth and long-term success.

Your dream investment is waiting

Don’t miss this unique opportunity. For more information or to schedule a viewing of this prime property in Gurgaon area 52, please contact Oxford Realtors at +91 9910879948. Our team is ready to assist you with all your real estate needs and guide you through the process of achieving this amazing investment

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