Double Height Shop for Sale at Baani Square, Mayfield Garden!

If you are looking for a high business area that offers fantastic visibility and high foot visitors, this double-height keep at Baani Square, Mayfield Garden, is an appropriate investment possibility.

Area: 660 sqft

Spacious Layout: The shop boasts a double-peak format, offering a generous 660 square feet of space, perfect for various enterprise types. The ample vertical area permits creative indoor designs and the capacity for mezzanine flooring, maximizing the usable location.

Rental Income: ₹45,000 + Maintenance

Steady Rental Income: Currently, the shop generates condominium earnings of ₹45,000 in keeping with month-plus preservation costs. This consistent income circulation makes it a moneymaking investment for the ones trying to stabilize a dependable go-back-on investment.

Asking Price: ₹1.3 Cr.

Valuable Investment: Priced at ₹1.3 crores, this store represents an excellent fee given its location, size, and rental profits capacity. The rate reflects the excessive demand for business houses in this thriving place of Gurgaon.

Why Invest in Baani Square?

  1. Prime Location:

Strategically Located: Baani Square is strategically placed in Mayfield Garden, a bustling region with high-foot site visitors and exquisite connectivity. Its proximity to major residential and commercial hubs makes it a sought-after destination for agencies.

Accessibility: Easily on hand from essential roads and public transportation, making sure a consistent stream of ability clients.

  1. High Visibility:

Excellent Frontage: The save offers notable frontage, making it highly visible to passersby. This visibility is essential for attracting customers and boosting enterprise prospects.

Popular Destination: Baani Square is a famous business complex, frequented using residents and traffic alike, further improving the shop’s visibility and attraction.

  1. Modern Amenities:

Well-Maintained Complex: Baani Square features present-day facilities and nicely maintained surroundings, imparting a snug and appealing place for corporations.

Ample Parking: The complex provides sufficient parking space, making sure convenient for both owners and clients.

  1. Growing Neighbourhood:

Rapid Development: The surrounding area of Mayfield Garden is rapidly growing, with new residential and business projects developing. This boom promises multiplied foot traffic and a burgeoning consumer base.

Thriving Community: The thriving network in and around Baani Square guarantees a steady demand for industrial areas, making it a strong and promising investment.

Contact Information:

This double-height keep at Baani Square, Mayfield Garden gives an awesome investment opportunity with its top region, consistent condo profits, and present-day amenities. Whether you are seeking to begin your enterprise or secure worthwhile condominium assets, this shop is a perfect preference.

Don’t pass this risk to invest in one of Gurgaon’s maximum vibrant business hubs. Contact us these days for extra details and to arrange a viewing.

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