Best Plot for Sale in Sector 43, Gurgaon!

Looking for the perfect location to build your dream home or invest in real estate? Look no further!

Welcome to the special real estate opportunity in Sector 43, Gurgaon with Oxford Realtors! Located in one of the most sought-after areas, this article provides the best canvas for packing your dreams into reality. Here’s why it stands out:

Plot Details:

  • Location: Sector 43, Gurgaon
  • Area: 535 Sq. yards
  • Size: 15.00 Meter x 29.75 Meter Front
  • Road Access: 12 Meter Road
  • Security System: Ensured
  • Parking: Ample Parking Lots Available
  • Price: 2 lacs per square yard

Special Features:

Place: This property has located in the heart of Sector 43 in Gurgaon, the plot is close to major amenities and attractions, making it a desirable choice for homeowners and investors

Size: This lot is an impressive 535 square feet, providing ample space to design and build your dream home according to your wants and needs

Dimensions: With a generous slope of 15.00m and a depth of 29.75m, this land allows for flexibility in building plans and possible landscaping

Access to the road: The facility supports access roads with a 12-metre-wide road that provides easy access to major roads, and ensures hassle-free transportation and transportation.

Security System: Your peace of thoughts is paramount. Rest assured, the safety machine in location ensures a secure and steady environment for you and your loved ones.

Parking Facilities: Ample parking plenty are available, disposing of the problem of locating parking space for residents and site visitors alike.

Price: Priced competitively at 2 lacs in keeping with square yard, this funding possibility guarantees moneymaking returns inside the dynamic real estate market of Gurgaon.


With its stunning length, beneficent dimensions, smooth get admission to to fundamental roads, strong safety system, enough parking centers, and competitive pricing. Oxford Realtors provides an attractive opportunity for house owners and buyers alike. The 535-square-foot space affords adequate room to design and build a dream domestic, with flexibility in constructing plans and landscaping. The 12-meter-huge road ensures convenient transportation, at the same time as the safety machine affords peace of mind for citizens. Additionally, enough parking eliminates the trouble of locating parking area. Priced competitively at 2 lacs in line with square yard, this investment promises profitable returns in Gurgaon’s dynamic actual estate market. Trust Oxford Realtors, experts in buying and promoting residences, to manual you thru this promising investment possibility.

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