Buying first home is always a dream for everyone. Obviously one gets freedom to decorate, have big rooms and other living space etc. We know that switching from one house to another is always stressful. But when one move to his own house, then the feeling is exhilarating.

Especially for a first time buyer, buying a home is the most important investment. Many sentiments and pride associated with it. A number of questions arise in the mind and sometimes this process lands home buyers in more panic state.So here are some simple steps which will help first time buyers to get their home in a year. This 12-month timeline will help you in solving your queries like interest rate or getting stuck with the wrong house:

First Three Months


Start with checking your credit score: Your credit score used to play a decisive role in buying a home. In India, CIBIL provide complete details of your credit score. So it’s important to check your score long before you’re ready to make an offer. And work diligently on it.

Determine what your pocket allows: Figure out how much you want to spend on buying home. At last your CIBIL score will tell you how much loan you will get but sometimes some lenders also make you fool in providing loan and this will land you in great trouble. Ask yourself, how much house do I really want to afford?

Make a down payment and EMI calculator plan: Plenty of EMI calculators are available on the internet. This will help you determine what you can afford. If you’re pushing the limits, start reducing your debt-to-income ratio now.

The Next Three Months


Make a checklist of what you want in your home: Now that’s the most important part. Is the home near to your work place? Whether it has big balconies? What is the floor plan? How big are the rooms and kitchen etc.? If you focus on your priorities then you can buy a much better home.

Research neighborhoods: Here property listing sites comes into use. These website help you in finding out the neighborhood areas, proximity to public transport, markets etc.

Make Budget for other home buying expenses:Buying a home also has some miscellaneous upfront costs like a home inspection, title search, property survey, and home insurance etc. Costs of these expenses vary from location to location. So start saving now

The Next Five Months


Start collecting your loan requirements:Loan paperwork plays a very important role in the whole home buying process and banks are very particular about it. So write all the papers you need and make a checklist. Once all the papers are ready tick on the checklist.

Start looking for right realtors:Start interviewing specifically buyers’ agents as they will help you in finding out the best and right property.

Get pre-approved for your loan: At this point, if you’ve been following this timeline, your credit score, paperwork, and down payment should be on track. You’ve done your research on lenders and buyers’ agents. Now it’s time to start working with them.So start with your loan getting pre-approved. Make an appointment with loan bankers and bring all your paperwork. They will check all the papers and start the procedure of loan approval.

Start shopping for your new home:Once your loan gets pre-approved, agents will start telling you about your budget home which falls in your price range. It usually takes at least four to six weeks to finalize on a home as it need proper inspection.

The Crucial Last Month


Triple-check: All your financial documents are in order and review all loan related documents before closing.

Get your home insured: Don’t forget to secure insurance before closing and keep all these documents in your file.

A final walk-through:Make a final visit your home. Check the condition of the selected home. Has all the basic work is done or not? A regular check will help you in avoiding last minute panic situations.

With these simple steps your home is just a year away from your hand.


Being closer to the National Capital and a hub of commercial, residential and industrial properties, Noida in recent years has witnessed a huge momentum in the last few years. With seamless connectivity via a network of rail, road, highways, expressways, and flyovers, Noida today has come closer to almost all the NCR areas. However, the property price in the old localities of Noida today has jumped to a high. This has led to the emergence of new localities wherein homebuyers can invest and that too in pocket-friendly rates.

These areas are not only well-connected to Noida, Greater Noida, and Yamuna Expressway but also have a deluge of options for homebuyers within the price tag of 40 lakhs. Take a look:



Located along the sprawling Noida Expressway, Sector-129 is a newly-developed micro market offering various options to homebuyers. The area is surrounded by well-developed infrastructures like schools, banks, ATMs, hospitals and food joints. It is also surrounded by renowned companies and MNCs like InfoEdge, Oracle and Adobe that attracts home buyers to invest here. Most of the properties present here are ready-to-move-in. The price for a 2 BHK flat starts from 35 lakhs.



Another newly-emerged sector along Noida Expressway, Sector-134 has become a preferred residential investment destination in the last few years. Presence of renowned companies like Cognizant, Metlife, and Genpact as well as excellent connectivity has called many homebuyers to buy a flat here. Sector-134 offers mostly 2 and 3 BHK configuration apartments, of which most of them are ready-to-move-in.The average property price here is Rs 3,814 per sqft.



Surrounded by well-developed infrastructure, sector-135 offers many properties within 40 lakhs to homebuyers. The locality is home to leading school, hospitals, SEZs such as Shriram Millennium School, Felix hospital, Accenture, Genpact, and Metlife, that acts as a major growth of this micro-market. The sector is also in proximity to the Aqua line metro corridor that further strengthens the market. The property price hovers in the range of Rs 3,486-4,847 per sq.ft.



The main USP of this sector is its own metro station which is just minutes away from the residential projects. Developers like Supertech, Gulshan and Paras have already developed their projects here. Almost 98% of the units are ready-to-move-in, while will be ready for possession in few months or by next year. Many leading IT companies are in proximity to this sector, making it more attractive for homebuyers. The average property price here is Rs 5,116 per sqft. A 2 BHK is quite favourable among homebuyers.



This sector is home to mid-segment housing projects which appear to be budget-friendly for many homebuyers. The sector falls opposite to other sectors like 137, 141,143, etc. The metro station of the sector- 142 falls in proximity to the locality giving it good connectivity to Noida and Greater Noida.The average property price is Rs 4,633 per sqft. A 1 BHK falls in the range of 21 lakhs, while a 2 BHK will cost around Rs 32 Lakhs to the homebuyer.