Which are the best areas to invest in 2/3 BHK flats in Gurgaon?

Gurgaon the millennium city with many apartment and houses options which suit every budget. It offers many of builder floors and real estate opportunities, but choosing the right place to invest can be difficult for you. Let us tell you about some of the best locations or areas for choosing your dream house in Gurgaon.

Best Locations for 2-3 BHK flat in Gurgaon

Sector 82-95:

These sectors are considered as a promising area in Gurgaon for investment. Many well-known developers are building residential properties in the area. It is very close to the upcoming Dwarka Expressway and the planned metro line provides good connectivity to other parts of Delhi and Gurgaon. Fully furnished 3 BHK apartment available for sale in Sector 82A, Gurgaon. Book your comfortable accommodation at this preferred location.

Sector 48-56:

These sectors are located very close to major IT hubs and commercial hubs in Gurgaon. It is making them very attractive to professionals working in the area. These are also ranking high presence of schools, hospitals and popular shopping enhances the overall quality of life in the area, making it an attractive option for families looking to put down roots.

Sohna Road:

Sohna Road is famous for its hot spring and Shiva temple in Gurgaon. It has become a hotspot for real estate investment because of its location and strong infrastructure. Most of the several new commercial and residential projects are planned in this area, which means property values ​​could rise significantly in the future.

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Golf Course Extension Road:

The Golf Course Expansion Road looks like the epitome of luxury living. It is known for its comfortable apartments and high-end amenities. People who typically invest in luxury properties and expect high returns tend to gravitate towards this type of business. Basically, this is a hot spot for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

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Is a Duplex House Right for You? Considerations and Benefits

What is a Duplex House?

Duplex house is an attractive option for many homebuyers and investors. But are they right for everyone? In this blog post, we’ll explore the ideas and benefits of living a double life to help you determine if it fits with your lifestyle, preferences and financial goals.

Understanding Duplex Houses

A duplex house is a good decision for you because it offers a unique and two separate living units, each with its own entrance, amenities, and often sharing a common wall. Each unit has its entrance, and they can be divided as two distinct homes. It is a best choice for families or individuals.

Considerations for Duplex Living

3 BHK + Servant Quarter Duplex Penthouse for Sale in Gurgaon

Lifestyle and Privacy:

Firstly you have to think about how comfortable you are in communicating with neighbors who share space. If you want privacy and independence, living right next door to another house might not be your cup of tea. They offer complete privacy and more customization options. On the other hand, Duplex houses involve two separate living units within a single structure, offering a balance between independence and shared costs. But if you’re open to shared spaces and intimate gatherings, a duplex house could be a good fit.

Financial Considerations:

When considering owning or leasing a duplex, it’s also important to consider the money side of things. Sure, duplexes can save some money over single-family homes because you can split the cost with another home. Since you share an apartment, you can share maintenance costs and even pay less for utilities.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Living in a duplex house offers exceptional flexibility and adaptability and making it perfect for different lifestyles and seasons of life. If you are a young, hard-working person, you can rent an apartment to help pay off the debt. Multi-generational families also benefit from having their own space nearby. And for the investors it owns a duplex can be a smart way to diversify your portfolio.

Benefits of Living in a Duplex House:


5 BHK Duplex Top With Terrace are generally more expensive than single-family homes or apartment buildings. Sharing one wall with another unit results in cost savings in construction and maintenance costs.

Community Living:

Living in a duplex house allows for a sense of community while still maintaining privacy. You’ll share a property with a neighboring unit, fostering opportunities for social interaction and support.

Rental Income:

Owning a duplex means you can rent one room to someone else, and you get paid to live there. This rental income can then be used to help pay the rent on the property.

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While the basics could also be an equivalent , residential and commercial properties are very different. Learn which option is best for you.


There’s little question that property investing offers endless opportunities. But this doesn’t mean that you simply can purchase almost anything.

The lifelong question for several aspiring investors is: do you have to go residential or commercial?

This isn’t a simple decision to form .

You don’t want to throw away your hard-earned money by making the incorrect choice.

To help you avoid this, here’s how residential and commercial properties compare supported the foremost important factors:

1. Rental yields

Income investors want to urge the foremost out of each invested dollar. this is often the other of growth investors, who could be ready to afford to attend for capital growth.

When it involves rental yields, commercial property wins by a mile. It’s possible to urge up to 12 per cent rental yield with commercial properties, with a typical minimum of 5 per cent.

Those numbers compare favourably to residential properties’ 3-7 per cent rental yields.

This makes commercial properties a safer bet for those that invest for income . Of course, you continue to need to make smart investment moves, whether in commercial or residential properties.

2. Entry barriers

The higher yields of economic properties come at a price – and an enormous one at that. If you’re a newbie investor, you would possibly not be ready to get your foot within the commercial door.

This is because lenders would require a large deposit to approve a loan. rather than a mortgage, you’re actually removing a billboard loan that always requires a 30 per cent deposit or higher.

This is why residential property may be a far more common start line . The deposit, fees and mortgage rate of interest are often much lower.

3. Risks

In tandem with the point , the rationale why commercial property requires a hefty deposit is that the high risk to both you and therefore the lender. Commercial properties are susceptible to external factors, including the risks that companies bring.

On the opposite hand, everybody must live somewhere, right? Residential properties aren’t totally freed from risk, but they will be a way safer bet than commercial.

It’s really an issue of your risk appetite. But if you’re just starting out, it’s an honest idea to play it safer.

4. Vacancy periods

When you pour tons of cash into a property, you would like to form sure that you’ll always have a tenant for the property to avoid any gaps in income .

Generally speaking, commercial properties suffer for much longer vacancy periods than residential. This isn’t surprising, as finding an appropriate business tenant is far tougher than finding a residential tenant. to start with, there are more people that need dwellings than businesses that require premises.

So, commercial rental yields are higher and therefore the lease periods are longer. However, investing in commercial are often more volatile than residential. Again, if you’re trying to find safety, commercial properties won’t be an honest idea.

5. Annual rent increases

For either property type, the rent isn’t getting to stay an equivalent forever. There are inflation and other things to think about .

This is why commercial property leases often accompany fixed annual rent increases. the speed of increase is usually 3-4 per cent, which is quite enough to hide current inflation rates (1.8 per cent in 2018).

Unfortunately, residential leases usually don’t include such increases. That’s because they typically don’t exceed a year. Even then, it’s usually much tougher to extend the rent on a residential property, or the tenant might just plan to leave.

Choose wisely

As you’ll see, there’s no clear answer on whether you ought to accompany residential or commercial property. Each type comes with its own set of pros and cons, so it really depends on your goals and wishes .

Whatever you are doing , confirm to collect all the facts before you create the ultimate decision.

Pros & Cons of Commercial Property

Indian business Real Estate has been going from solidarity to quality lately. The interest for office and retail space is developing at a remarkable movement. As the interest is taking off high, it is common that undeniably financial specialists are getting more keen on claiming a business property. It is accepted that business property speculation is basically implied for enormous corporates, HNIs and institutional speculators. This isn’t generally the situation. Considerably different purchasers can anticipate claiming a business property, for example, an office space or a retail shop.


Higher Rental Yields – One of the greatest preferences of putting resources into business property includes rental returns. A private property in an Indian metro can give a re-visitation of the tune of around 2-3%. Interestingly, in business properties one can make a re-visitation of the tune of around 5-9%. Accordingly as far as the rental pay, business properties can guarantee a lot more significant yields.

Longer Lease Terms – Commercial properties, for example, workplaces and retail shops are rented for higher time spans. For example, workplaces are commonly rented for 3+3+3 or 5+ 5+5 (which implies rentals will be refreshed each 3 or 5 years.) A bigger rent term guarantees that the steady progression of pay will proceed in an issue free style.

Proficient Tenants – The inhabitants are commonly proficient in a business arrangement. Office space is by and large leased by a Bank, MNC or an undertaking. Consequently, they are experts and generally simple to oversee. It gives the proprietor more genuine feelings of serenity in dealing with a business space.


Higher Investments – Commercial property includes higher ventures when contrasted with private units. In like manner, while paying the EMIs for a private unit, one can profit tax cuts. Such advantages are not accessible in the event of business properties.

Subject to the Economic Climate – Commercial properties are commonly reliant on the financial atmosphere of the nation. In the event that the financial standpoint is bullish, the interest for business Real Estate is higher. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that the viewpoint moderates, at that point a ton of times it gets hard to track down inhabitants.

Need to Do Some Prior Research – Investing in business Real Estate requires a ton of earlier examination work. One needs to do a touch of schoolwork before accepting the venture call. One needs to consider various factors, for example, market potential, area investigation, request gracefully and so forth before taking an official conclusion.

Tips for Investing in Commercial Property

Have you been planning to invest in a commercial property? But before finalizing a deal it is imperative to figure out where to put your money and how to make a smart investment decision to maximize your returns.

Here are some smart tips for successful commercial real estate investment:

It’s all about the location: Commercial property provides returns through two main sources rent and capital appreciation and both of them are dependent on the location you choose. Location is the most important factor to be considered when it comes to investing in commercial property. Before finalizing the property make sure it is easily accessible from the other location and has a sound infrastructure. A property on the prime location will guarantee assured returns on your investment. Also, ensure the location is well-planned and is in proximity to other commercial hubs.

Understanding the location: The foremost thing you must do before investing in commercial property is understanding the locality where you plan to invest because every market has its pros and cons. You can research about the locality, what are the future developments planned in the locality, what are the ongoing property rates, etc. Once you are confident about the locality then you must step forward with your investment decision.

Seek expert advice: Finding a real estate property is a daunting task especially when it comes to investing in commercial property. Seeking expert advice will simplify your property buying process and help you make the right investment decision. Oxford Realtors is one such realtor which is one of the leading real estate firms in NCR.

Go through the layout plan: before investing in a commercial space you must go through the entire layout of the commercial space. Make sure the project has received all the approvals from the concerned authority so that you don’t end up making any wrong investment decisions. Whenever feasible plan out a site visits to check the construction quality of the project and speed of construction.

Choose the right realtor/builder: Choosing the right realtor/builder can make a huge difference. When investing in a commercial property you must cross-check the credibility of the builder. Avoid investing in a project if the builder is a new player in the market instead go with the builder that holds a good track record of successfully completed projects. You can also seek opinions from your friends and relatives about the builder and how has been the track record of the realtor/builder so far